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Welcome to "Two Chicks and a Wick", we hope you enjoy browsing our selection of custom candles. All of the pieces that you will see are custom made and one of a kind. We also can design personal candles for weddings, birthdays or any special occasion.The first thing that most people ask is "What is a gel candle? At first glance it looks as though it is water or liquid. Gel wax is composed of mineral oil and a polomer resin mixture that causes it to gel, much like jello. Because it is mineral oil based, the life of these candles far exceed that of traditional wax candles. Because the gel is so clear, the light that illuminates from within is incredible. When you walk into a dimly lit room, all focus goes to the candle. This is not something that can be explained, only experienced. We take great pride in creating candle art that will compliment your surroundings time and time again. With your purchase, you will receive a signed certificate of authenticity, because they are hand crafted and not mass produced. There is only ONE "Two Chicks and a Wick".